Established in 2011, La Maison is a passionate patisserie serving only fine and freshly baked artisanal pastries. The secret to our signature taste is pure and fresh ingredients, no artificial flavourings and preservatives added.

We are proud to mention that our pastries are Halal (no pork), but some may contain dash of alcohol as flavourings. Let us know if you need any special food requirements, we will try our best to cater to your needs.

Co-Founder and Executive Pastry Chef of La Maison Patisserie, Harrick Lowis was born in Medan. Never intended to end up in the kitchen, yet he soon found out that pastry world is his calling. Right there from the beginning of the journey of La Maison, now he’s branching out to the Capital to head the Jakarta’s family.

To this day, he believes that teamwork is the key. To lead with passion and bringing out each unique talent to create strong individuals, keeping the team organized & motivated as well as building a solid team for them to grow and maintaining the standards, as the goals that he aimed for.