A form of dessert that is typically baked, often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays! All of our cakes are crafted with the finest ingredients from all over the world. Each and every one of them is passionately baked and decorated with utmost care, considering not only the taste but also the aesthetic elements of them.
All cakes are not ready, have to be ordered 3-4 days before. But if you need it immediately, feel free to contact us and we’ll advise you further.

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Special Eid Mubarak Cake 2019!Light, fluffy sponge cake with the subtle flavour of Sicilian pistachi..

IDR 500,000


Soothing flavour of JING Tea’s whole chamomile tea with mild citrusy Australian navel orange and a s..

IDR 500,000


This Pandora will get you into trouble, alright. But it's because you won't be able to resist the re..

IDR 550,000

Our Birthday Cake

Layers of funfetti ultra moist vanilla cake loaded with sprinkles, light cream cheese with delicious..

IDR 580,000

Our Chocolate Birthday Cake

Super moist, airy, and rich chocolate layer cake, covered in Premium Belgian Chocolate frosting, sur..

IDR 580,000


Something sweet and tasty that will remind you of the good ol' comforting and nostalgic feeling, It'..

IDR 450,000


Mother's Day is just around the corner and we prepare an extra tasty treat for the special lady in y..

IDR 500,000

Tarte Aux Macaron

Fresh fruit vanilla tart with 15-16 selections of your favourite macarons!Diameter :  ø 19cmBes..

IDR 570,000


A refreshing and healthy cake consists of smooth and light mango mousse, black sesame sponge cake, c..

IDR 450,000

Devil's Love

This is not the devil's playing trick but this is completely true, This chocolate cake is absolutely..

IDR 500,000


Moist & zesty sweet lemon cake with lots of blueberries! Each layered with freshly squeezed lemo..

IDR 480,000


With 100% smooth & creamy mascarpone cheese mousse layered with moist matcha lady finger biscuit..

IDR 550,000


You haven't had the best Tiramisu if you never try ours! Crunchy traditional lady finger lightly soa..

IDR 550,000


Not only is Fraisier a traditional French cake but it's a favourite that the whole family will love!..

IDR 480,000


A very refreshing almond cake with layers of fresh watermelon, strawberries, red dragon fruit. Finis..

IDR 450,000


2016 Valentine's SpecialRomantic heart-shaped cake with delicious fresh and sweet Avocado mousse and..

IDR 480,000


2016 Valentine's SpecialRomantic heart-shaped cake with delicious smooth and creamy Raspberry Cheese..

IDR 480,000


Luxurious indulgence of Pineapple and Cheese. Layers of pineapple pie base, homemade pineapple jam, ..

IDR 570,000


Luxurious french dark chocolate cream cheese frosting paired with red velvet cake and dark chocolate..

IDR 525,000


3 layers of moist and fluffy lemon chiffon cake, each layered with freshly squeezed lemon curd, cove..

IDR 450,000

Red Velvet

Queen of Manhattan, the famous red velvet cake. It's the special recipe of fluffy maroon sponge cake..

IDR 480,000

Black Out

Ultimate moist and soft dark chocolate cake layered with soft dark chocolate lava pudding, covered i..

IDR 500,000

Rocky Road

Our best seller signature chocolate tart. Almond tart base layered with hazelnut cream, generous chu..

IDR 500,000

Tarte Aux Fruits

Fresh fruit tart. Classic doesn't mean old fashioned! Diameter :  ø 19cmBest served in 3 days, ..

IDR 450,000


OUR SUPERSTAR CAKE! Featured on national TV channel, Trans 7 and the prestigious Bakery Magazine Ind..

IDR 450,000

Blanc Framboise

A pure white cake topped with red roses and a couple of vanilla macaron, have a bite and feel the su..

IDR 525,000

Rainbow Cake

Vanilla sponge cake with pastel rainbow colour and vanilla buttercream. It's just simply perfect for..

IDR 420,000


The classic french gateau, debuted in Paris in the early 1900s. Beautiful rich cake with layers of a..

IDR 525,000

Lemon Tart

Freshly squeezed lemon curd tart topped with meringue sticks. Feel the freshness!Diameter :  ø ..

IDR 425,000


Say it with Rosie. Strawberry macaron in heart shaped, light pistachio mousse and fresh strawberries..

IDR 400,000
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